Copper and Wool Bangle

I’ve previously posted a tutorial showing a fun way to use up the little bits of especially luscious yarn you may have left over from your fiber projects by incorporating them into fiber jewelry links.  Here’s another way to use your precious leftovers.  Just 10 feet of special worsted weight yarn is enough for this project.  You’ll need a few other things, too:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • chasing hammer or ball pein hammer
  • anvil or bench block
  • sharp, pointy scissors
  • bracelet mandrel
  • 10 feet worsted weight yarn
  • 20 inches + 8 inches 18 gauge copper wire
  • 2 feet + 3 inches 24 gauge copper wire
  • 1 10mm round bead
  • 1 10mm disc bead
  • 1 6mm round bead

Note: The hole of one of the 10mm beads must be large enough to accommodate a double thickness of the yarn plus a double thickness of 24 gauge wire.  The hole of the smaller bead must be large enough to accommodate 18 gauge wire.
To begin, use your round nosed pliers to bend the 20-inch piece of 18 gauge wire in half, pinching the two tails together about 3/4 inch from the curve formed by the pliers.  This will create a needle-shaped piece of wire, with two long tails held together and a teardrop-shaped “eye” on the folded end.  Hammer this piece flat until it is quite sturdy, flipping over several times to hammer from both sides.

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